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What's New!

Completed New Homes 2023

Democratic Republic of the Congo 2022. First graduating class of the

Trade School along with some current students showing off their beautiful designs.

Europe 2022 and Turkey 2023

Thanks to our partners and all who have given. Not only were we able to touch many lives for the kingdom, but we were able to provide for many of their physical needs as well.

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Praise God, the Well project is complete!

After centuries without water, a new behavior is observed in the environment. Where they used to have to search for a container and walk more than 3 hours in the mountains between Luduhwa and Ngweshe, a church, a school, and a community of 2500 or more now have fresh clean water to draw from nearby.

Thanks to RLM, its visionary, Madam founder Julie, and LOTI, who was concerned with improving the living conditions of the communities of the DRC, Praise God, the Well (water) project is complete!

Girls Orphanage in India says,

"Thank you for their groceries and supplies."

Thank you for groceries and supplies
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Working Together  |  Changing Lives!

We are now working with  Ambassadors to the Nations to build this family's new home to be completed later this year.

Healed by the Power of God in Romania January 2024